Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's Been A While

Over a year has passed since my last blog post.  I am a creature of habit and when I get out of the habit of doing something it is hard to find that starting point again.  But it's in the dog days of summer and while life is going to be all fun and games for the next 4 weeks, we all have a lot of changes coming.

First a quick update:
Peanut rocked Kindergarten and ended the year reading at over 1st grade level.  He was a social bee and made a best friend and even had his first sleep over.  They made a schedule of things to do at a sleep over and checked them all off, including having a secret spy meeting and a pillow fight.

Little Man had an up and down year in 2nd grade but did great academically and continued to build his friendships.  He participated in a lot of activities which kept him (and me) really busy.  He spent most of his time in the pool or at his best friends house.

Sweet Pea had a great year in preschool and continued to be the social girl that she is and writing her letters and drawing adorable pictures.  She loves to pretend she can read and write like her big brothers and can draw a rainbow or pony better than me.

Little Man is changing schools.  This was a difficult decision for Papa Bear and I, but it's what Little Man wanted and although it will make life a little more complicated it is the right decision for him.  He will be going to a school where he will be in an advanced academic class for all of his main subjects.  He has been working on multiplication and division over the summer to prepare.  He is also moving up in his swimming club to the next level of age group where his practices get a little longer and he can fine tune his swimming even more.

Peanut will be staying at his current school but won't have his big brother there to help him out.  He will be going to school and won't be anyone's big or little brother.  He also isn't going to be having routine speech therapy anymore.  This makes me nervous, but I think it's the right thing.  He will be playing baseball in the fall and joining an Odyssey of the Mind team.

Sweet Pea is changing preschools because with 3 kids in 3 different schools and 3 different start times I couldn't manage to make it all work and keep her at the same school.  She will know a few kids are her new school but I anticipate that this will be the hardest of all of the changes.  She is still only 4 so between separation anxiety and not liking change in general she may fight this for a bit.

I have a new job and am able to center my hours around the kids schedule for the most part but will have to heavily rely on Meemom especially when it comes to Sweet Pea.

So here we are.  A year + out from the last post with an 8 year old, 6 year old and 4 year old.  The next month is all swimming pools, vacations and relaxing so I will use those days to fill in the blanks from the last year.  There are a lot of amazing memories to capture.

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