Friday, January 27, 2012

Updates all Around

Little Man's Penguin Story
"My penguin is really funny because he has yarn coming out of his head.  He is really a polar bear in disguise."
He cracks me up!

He is also so empathic.  Recently, a child left his preschool class.  I was explaining it to him and his very first response was concern for another little girl that was very close with the child that left. He said he had to be extra nice to the little girl so she wouldn't be too sad.  I adore the empathy and sweetness that seems to be so inherent in my Little Man.  I hope the world doesn't ever change him and will do my best to help him stay true to the sweet guy that he is.

Peanut's Summer Camp
Peanut will be attending a week long intensive speech therapy camp for children with Apraxia.  We are really excited that he is going to have this opportunity.  We have his next IEP meeting on February 10th and hope that give his latest evaluation we will get the goals and services that he needs.  

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is growing up!  At her 15 month well visit she weighed 28 lbs and 10 ounces and is 33 inches long.  She was not a happy camper with the doctor and before she could even be touched went into her typical feminine hysterics.  She also had an ear infection so she didn't get her shots not that you could tell since she was screaming like someone stabbed her when the doctor pulled out the flashlight.  That's right folks, she is our drama queen.  But she is talking so much and has recently added the words "hot, hat, and cracker" to her ever growing vocabulary.  She has started throwing her food off of her tray instead of telling us all done and thinks it is hysterical. I remember both boys going through this phase too, but it still drives me crazy.  Sweet Pea is down to one nap a day but loves to make me look like a liar because she will probably end up with 2 naps today.  Her bedtime is 7:15 and loves to get in her bed and have her snuggles and her binky.  She is still accessorizing often and loves to wear any kind of pretty shoes.  This girl is going to cost us money!  Adored by her biggest brother, tolerated by her big brother and smothered with love from mama and papa bear - Sweet Pea is doing great!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Man Stories

Little Man is studying all about winter, snow, Alaska, the North and South poles in school right now.  He was eating lunch while I cleaned the kitchen and telling me about his day. 

Little Man: Did you know that they have boots in Alaska to keep them from slipping on the ice?  They are called mukluks.

Me:  I did know that.

Little Man:  How did you know that?

Me:  When you were a tiny baby still in my belly, I went to Alaska and some friends that I met there gave me baby mukluks for you.

Little Man:  I remember going to Alaska when I was in your tummy, but can we go again because I didn't get to see much since I was in your tummy because your skin was in the way.  I want to go again and see a moose.  Do you still have the mukluks that they gave me?

Me:  I do, but they are too small for you now.

Little Man:  Well that does it, we have to go back to Alaska for sure now.
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Little Man: Mama, I know that you love me the best.  You love me more than all the other mamas love all of the other little boys and you love me the best more than Peanut and Sweet Pea. 

Me:  Oh yeah?  You have that all worked out now, huh? 

Little Man:  Yup, I am your first baby, super sweet and the best snuggler.

Me: Well you are my best snuggler

Little Man:  Told you, you love me best!
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

So I am going to go to Alaska to see a moose and purchase size 11 mukluks with my very self-assured, logical and slightly egotistical Little Man.  Love this kid!

Friday, January 13, 2012


We have had a bit of a rough start to 2012, but things are starting to look up around here. 

Peanut decided to give us a bit of a scare and ended up in the hospital on New Year's Day.  He was my brave boy and didn't flinch for the iv, the CT scan, the chest x-ray and the sonogram even though he was in tons of pain.  He laid in my arms in his hospital bed for hours and hours alternating between just laying and just laying while watching Toy Story 2 (three times).  He only got upset over two things.  He adamantly refused to wear his hospital gown so he went without a shirt on and he did not want a band-aid when the IV was finally removed.  He peed in a cup and didn't have food or water for hours and hours, he took the contrast for the CT without complaint but HATED having the tape removed from his arm.  My brave brave little boy - isn't scare of anything other than shirts that a ton of other people have worn and band-aids.  Love that kid.  He is fine now, all mended and happy in health.

He is having some adjustment issues at school.  He has a substitute teacher because his teacher had surgery over the holidays.  If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have told you that Peanut is my most adaptable child with little to no issues with change.  And then he would have made a liar out of me.  But we are working on it.  A wise friend told me that these are all but moments and they will pass as moment do.  So we have a new routine earlier in the week and some new things we are trying in the classroom too.  Still, he is my brave boy.

Little Man quietly confided in me today that he didn't get any special time with me and that it made his heart sad.  He is my most sensitive child.  I told him how sorry I was that we didn't get any special time together today and told him that I would make it up to him.  His eyes lit up and I knew that he already had a way that I could make it up to him.  So I asked, "What do you think?  What's the plan" and his idea was brilliant.  He said that I could make it up to him by reading books to him until HE decided it was enough.  I usually limit him.  Ok, I will read you 4 books now and then again later.  I can't sit all day and read to him, there are meals to make, diapers to change, houses to clean and oh yeah, I have been working 20 hours out of the house (thus the limited special time).  So tomorrow morning all of that is going to be put on hold and I have a feeling I will be reading for a very long time.  I also told him that I won't be going to work anymore.  I am still going to be working, but it will be from home and at least half will be done while he is sleeping.  My sensitive Little Man is very pleased with this new change. My sweet sensitive little boy.

And Sweet Pea, my daring little girl, who has decided that scaling every obstacle is her greatest challenge.  She is famous for stealing our cell phones and other gadgets and hiding them in shoes, couches, ride-on toys and closets.  Her words are coming fast and furious, changing by the day.  More, eat, here you go, upstairs, lock and load, daring little girl.  I wish she would slow down, not change so quickly but her daring adventurous soul doesn't stop for little old me.  My daring little girl.

Onwards and Upwards....lots of change happening for our family in the coming weeks. We are thankful to have our brave boy, our sweet boy and our daring little girl to keep us laughing and enjoying the crazy.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


As a mom, I am often aware of the words used around my children.  All of a sudden I would hear each and every word that I hoped my children would never say.  The 3 times they say "stupid" in Toy Story or the lady on her cell phone in Target not realizing that her profanity is surely being absorbed by my 4 year old's little ears.  And then sometimes I know that I myself am not choosing my words wisely because they get repeated back to me and hearing them out of little mouths make those words sound even worse.  Like when I was frustrated with Papa Bear for something that I can't even remember now and must have called him a jerk when venting on the phone to my friend because as soon as Papa Bear walked in the door, Little Man piped up "Papa, are you a jerk?".  But recently I have heard my words come out of the little mouths around me in such a sweet and endearing way that I know I am, at least some of the time, choosing the right words for little ears.

Little Man came up to me and climbed onto my lap and whispered to me the sweetest words.  "Mama, I love you so much I don't even know what to do about it."  I squeezed him tightly and told him that I knew exactly how he felt.  He smiled and said "I know Mama, you tell me that all the time."  I don't remember saying it.  But I remember feeling it and I love that he feels it too and can even verbalize it.

Peanut was busily making cakes and snacks in his play kitchen to share and as he walked towards me with his plate of cakes I pretended to be excited and asked him if they were all for me.   He said "No Mama, these are all for Papa."  My lip curled down in feigned sadness and his little brow furrowed.  He came and put his pudgy and not so clean hands on my cheeks and solemnly said "Don't worry Mama, Jackson has some for you".  I love his "don't worries" that he communicates in such a concerned and convincing way since those are the words I use most often to him when he can't get his words out and I am telling him not to worry, we will figure it out.

Sweet Pea is starting to imitate words that she hears.  Last night I was herding the kids to bed and told everyone to go upstairs.  Then I hear the sweet sound of her voice exclaiming "upstairs, upstairs, upstairs".  Love it.  So when I told all of the kids to get ready to go this morning on some errands I was a little bit surprised to hear her say (an approximation of) "Lock and Load" the words that I use to get the kids out the door and in the car.  Love.  That is all I can say.  Love.

(I am still trying to get a year in review for 2011 ready and hoping to post soon)