Friday, January 27, 2012

Updates all Around

Little Man's Penguin Story
"My penguin is really funny because he has yarn coming out of his head.  He is really a polar bear in disguise."
He cracks me up!

He is also so empathic.  Recently, a child left his preschool class.  I was explaining it to him and his very first response was concern for another little girl that was very close with the child that left. He said he had to be extra nice to the little girl so she wouldn't be too sad.  I adore the empathy and sweetness that seems to be so inherent in my Little Man.  I hope the world doesn't ever change him and will do my best to help him stay true to the sweet guy that he is.

Peanut's Summer Camp
Peanut will be attending a week long intensive speech therapy camp for children with Apraxia.  We are really excited that he is going to have this opportunity.  We have his next IEP meeting on February 10th and hope that give his latest evaluation we will get the goals and services that he needs.  

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is growing up!  At her 15 month well visit she weighed 28 lbs and 10 ounces and is 33 inches long.  She was not a happy camper with the doctor and before she could even be touched went into her typical feminine hysterics.  She also had an ear infection so she didn't get her shots not that you could tell since she was screaming like someone stabbed her when the doctor pulled out the flashlight.  That's right folks, she is our drama queen.  But she is talking so much and has recently added the words "hot, hat, and cracker" to her ever growing vocabulary.  She has started throwing her food off of her tray instead of telling us all done and thinks it is hysterical. I remember both boys going through this phase too, but it still drives me crazy.  Sweet Pea is down to one nap a day but loves to make me look like a liar because she will probably end up with 2 naps today.  Her bedtime is 7:15 and loves to get in her bed and have her snuggles and her binky.  She is still accessorizing often and loves to wear any kind of pretty shoes.  This girl is going to cost us money!  Adored by her biggest brother, tolerated by her big brother and smothered with love from mama and papa bear - Sweet Pea is doing great!

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