Monday, February 6, 2012

No means No and No means Yes - Tender Moments

Ask Sweet Pea just about any question and she will shake her head no, give you an adorable smile and then scream when you actually think she meant no and she really meant yes....I want more food, I want that toy, I want to take my socks off and put them on my hands.  It is a bit confusing but it works for her.  The funniest part is that Little Man seems to actually know when she means yes and when she means no.  He asks her if she wants her blue shoes and she shakes her head no, hugs him and then he just ignores the shake of her head and tells her to sit down so that he can put her shoes on for her.  My theory on this is because he just never listens when anyone tells him no and just does whatever he wants to do and that just happens to line up with what she wants too.  This evening, after dinner, she was chasing him around the playroom and whenver she would catch him she threw her little arms around his waist and gave him the biggest hug.  Those two, have a really special long as she isn't knocking down his magnablock creations.

We caught another sweet moment tonight between Little Man and Peanut.  Papa Bear had just gotten home from work and I had gone into the office to try and get some work done before it got too late when I hear Papa Bear say "shhhh, loook". I leaned over and both boys were sitting on the couch.  Ok, just that statement alone is amazing.  The never sit still and certainly not at the same time and right next to each other.  Little Man was reading Peanut a book and Peanut was asking questions and while the moment didn't last long, it was special and one I will remember the next time they are hitting each other over the head with superheroes.

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