Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad...

Bubbles?  Sweet Pea!  Yup, that's right I said Bubbles.   Last night, Papa Bear was giving her a bath and decided to make it fun by adding some bubbles.  We don't usually use bubbles because of Little Man's sensitive skin reactions.  Sweet Pea stood up as soon as she saw them form and as they creeped back towards her she started backing up.  When she had backed up as far as she could go and the bubbles reached her toes she started screaming like it was toxic bubbles in a horror film.  Papa Bear tried to show her they were fun and safe, but she wasn't having it.  He had to drain the tub and as soon as the bubbles receded she sat down and played happily.  The girl that will take flying leaps off of tables and pick up worms and squish them is terrified of bubble baths.  It is a good thing we aren't really a bubble bath kind of family.

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