Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I have never put a lot of stock in Valentines Day but it is still nice to receive something loving and heartfelt on this day or really any other day for that matter.  So this morning when Little Man brought me his cut-out heart that he had drawn on and written these words: "I LUVE YOU MOMMA LOAD JACKSON".  I melted.  Big glob of Mama Bear, melted everywhere.  He spelled out the words himself.  It is one of those items that I will keep forever and ever and will pull out when he is 17 and too cool to kiss me to remind myself how much he "luves" me.  He drew a picture of me, Papa, Sweet Pea and himself.  He said that he forgot to put Peanut on there and I asked him if he wanted to add it and he said that it was already completed so he couldn't add Peanut.  Peanut drew on a heart for me and then took scissors to it and it is a mangled mess, but it is a heartfelt mangled mess and that is just about all I can ask for.  I got a cupcake and coffee delivered to my bed this morning.  Papa Bear is on deadline so he won't be home to celebrate with us tonight.  That's ok, in this house we can make any day Valentines Day. (Plus MeeMom is visiting this weekend which means we get a date night)  Happy Valentines Everyone, "LOAD" MamaBear

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