Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Proud Potty Moment

For the last few weeks, I have been putting Sweet Pea on the potty before bath time just to get her used to the idea and because I bathe all 3 kids at the same time and the boys are already in the habit of using the bathroom before bath time.  Tonight she walked into the bathroom, lifted the lid to the toilet and said "pee pee".  Papa Bear was trying to tell me he wasn't ready to put her in the tub but I just had to respond to what she was doing and saying.  Trying to capitalize on the moment and all of that.  Anyway, I take her diaper off and she lifts the toilet seat and tries to belly up to the toilet and pee standing up like her big brothers.  Oh my goodness, I about fell over laughing.  I picked her up, plopped her on the potty and she peed, told me she was all done and got down.  It was a proud, proud moment and also one for the books.  It seems that Sweet Pea wants to do everything that her big brothers do, EXACTLY the same way as her brothers do it.  We will have to work on that. 

*titling this post was so difficult because I just didn't know how inappropriate it would be to title it Sweet Pea Pee. 

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