Wednesday, February 22, 2012


-  Kids do NOT appreciate "new car" smell like adults do.  Peanut keeps asking "what that smell" and Little Man keeps saying "it's new car smell, I hope this car gets old really fast." (no, we didn't actually get a new car, this is a rental while the mini-van is getting fixed.

-  Peanut is a motor-mouth.  Who knew?!  Now that his words are starting to flow faster, I am having to tell him to wait his turn to talk and he responds by saying, "No mommy, you proud of my words, you LOOOOVE my words.  I talk now".  So Peanut is a motor-mouth and a smarty-pants.

-  My kids are very literal.  Peanut hadn't taken a nap and was losing it over very little things and I said "oh buddy, you are a mess." He looked down at his shirt, brushed off imagnary dirt and said "Peanut not mess, Peanut not dirty, Peanut clean."  I asked Little Man to wait for a hot second and he asked me what made the second hot and if he could have a cold minute.  Yup, literal and still a smarty-pants.

-  Sweet Pea is a Mama's girl and I love it.  She wraps those little arms around my neck and I am done in.  Which is a good thing because she thinks she is 5 months and should be held all the time.  She is so content to sit in my arms and hang out and watch the world.  The boys were always on the go, but this girl of mine, well she is a watcher, an observers and she likes to do it from my arms. I am not complaining.  Not a bit!

-  I would not make a good monster truck rally driver.  I am driving a huge SUV at the moment and spend all of my time willing the little cars to get out of my way before I crush them.  My kids would love to be monster truck drivers. The peanut gallery is full of suggestions of exactly how we can get around the traffic now that we are in a BIG CAR!

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