Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas...a little late

Christmas 2012 was a wild success against a lot of odds.  In years to come, when I look back at this Christmas I will remember it as one of pure magic.  Little Man was at just the right age to really believe that he heard Santa's reindeer on the front lawn eating the reindeer food and Peanut was at the right age to be excited because his big brother was excited.  Sweet Pea was at the right age to get into everything and cause trouble in her super cute way that makes it hard to even get upset with her.  We got to accomplish most of our family traditions like making sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, putting out the reindeer food, breakfast casserole in the morning and a special Christmas dinner.  We also added a new tradition of going to our great friend's house on Christmas Eve for dinner. The kids played, the adults drank and talked and it couldn't have been a more perfect evening. 

Christmas morning, the boys played in their rooms until 7 and then eagerly waited at the top of the stairs to be let down to see the magic.  Little Man told us that he got everything he asked for so Santa must have thought he had excellent behavior all year long.  Papa Bear completed the long awaited lemonade/icecream/ticket/fast food stand for the kids and it was a huge hit.  We opened presents and then paused for breakfast and then resumed the present opening.  The kids loved things so much that they would go and play with the gift for 20 or 30 minutes before coming back to open something else so it drew out the pleasure and the fun all morning.  I love that they didn't just rip through the gifts just to open them but that they took their time to enjoy it first.  It helps that Santa has everything out of the contraptions that strap the toys into the boxes so that it was easier for them to play with right away.  The other fun part was that Santa had the presents labeled with pictures instead of names so that everyone could see who the gift belonged to.  This helped alleviate fighting and allowed the boys to pick out the gifts not only for themselves but for each other and their sister.  Santa will do this again every year until they are all reading!

I know that when we look back at this Christmas it won't be about money or stress or jobs, it will be about the magic and miracles that happened for our family resulting in a perfect holiday.
Putting out the reindeer food

Let us down!!!

For me?

Patiently waiting for their first gift


Lightening McQueen

Not what we had in mind for this toy...

Toy Italian Firetruck from Uncle Mark and Tita Michelle

Pretty pretty

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