Monday, February 17, 2014

A Little Understanding Goes A Long Way...

I typically spend 30-45 minutes every afternoon reading to the little kids while Little Man does his homework/reads with us.  This is not because I am good mama, this is self preservation during the witching hour (4:00-5:00).  Today, Peanut and Sweet Pea and I were reading a book and Little Man sat near working on his word study.  I looked over at Peanut and he was picking his nose.  This is a habit that really bothers me so I told him to go wash his hands and face and then noticed that there was snot smeared on his face.  I told him to go quickly and pushed him in the direction of the bathroom.  Then I hear Little Man quietly ask, "Mama, did you throw up a little bit in your mouth?"  I replied, "I did."  He says, "I understand."

Sometimes a little understanding goes a long way to make you feel better.

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  1. Little Man is so grown up. And I totally understand too! :-)