Thursday, February 13, 2014

Buckets Of Snow

Today the sky dumped over 14 inches of snow on us very quickly.  We woke up in the morning and could barely find Papa Bear's car.  It was a snow storm of firsts for us all.  Little Man was allowed to go up to the sledding hill by himself this year.  He loved having the independence and I loved not having to drag the little ones up there if they didn't want to go.  Sweet Pea was not thrilled with the snow because she kept "sinking" and so she stuck to the shoveled paths as much as possible.  Peanut wanted to crawl through and bury himself in the snow and then would get mad that he was cold.  The last time we had a snow storm like this, Little Man was not quite 3 and Peanut was 11 months old (and Sweet Pea was born 9 months later) so it was a lot more fun this year for the kids and a lot easier on me.  Other snow day fun included hot chocolate, crafts and movie time!

Playing in the drifts

Peanut hit this ramp, caught at least 3 feet of air and landed hard hurting his back.  He was then tended to by 3 6th graders who made such a big deal out of him that he let them hold his hands and walk him home.

Traversing the lawn became more fun and treacherous

She was a great little helper since she didn't want to sink.

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