Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goodbye Occupational Therapy!!

We got some great news today through Peanut's Occupational Therapist - we don't need her anymore! That's right, no more sit-ups and forced massages because Peanut is not only at an age appropriate level for gross and fine motor but he is actually a few months ahead of where he should be. He will be 19 months in just over a week and he tested out today at the level of a 21 month old!

In July we were told that he was about 5 months behind his peers with low muscle tone due to his motor planning disorder. His speech was a much bigger delay and more concerning but with a motor planning disorder the gross and fine motor delay can go hand in hand with the speech delay. Learning how to plan his muscle movements would be an important part of overcoming his challenges. As with speech, fine motor uses small muscles so these were very important to work on to help him plan how to use those small muscles and gross motor found him with sensory and balance issues. At the first occupational therapy session I was very discouraged to learn of the concerns and we were given so many exercises to do daily that he just hated doing. We were told that he probably would be able to play sports but would never be the star of the team and would need extra help off the field to be able to get the skills that came easily for his friends. I was picturing all of the bad ABC Family specials with the little boy who got picked last at gym and wanted to cry. But instead of feeling bad for what might be, we got on it and decided to picture Rudy - the underdog that could surprise us all! We set some long term goals and marched forward with Peanut leading the way. Our long term goal for him through therapy was to get him to a point by 24 months where he could navigate an age appropriate playground without assistance. Yesterday he achieved that at 19 months. He climbed up the stairs, he climbed the chain web ladder (easily), slid down the slides and navigated himself into safe positions without being cued. His big brother cheered for him and caught him at the bottom of the slide just to be safe. And best of all, I got to sit on a bench and watch my two boys play wonderfully together at the playground without fear for Peanut. It was the best hour of my entire day.

So goodbye occupational therapy for now! We have a follow up in 4 months but have no fear our Rudy, I mean Peanut, will be beating the odds and climbing the walls!!! Go Peanut!

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  1. Hurray! This warms my heart. Love to you and Peanut!