Friday, October 1, 2010

Sneaky Smart Peanut

My mom loves to tell the story of how she was working with me on how to spell my name going over it and over it to the tune of B-I-N-G-O when my younger brother walks up and say I can spell her name and my name and proceeds to rattle them off and walk away.

Well Peanut seems to be paying more attention to the things Little Man brings home from pre-school than we were aware. While Little Man was at pre-school this morning Peanut and I had a mini-concert. We played songs, sang and did finger plays and then a song came on that Little Man learned the sign language for at school and has been practicing at the table during meals. Peanut heard the song and did EVERY sign that goes with the song at exactly the right time. I am sure that my mouth dropped open and then I picked him up and kissed him and told him that he was sneaky scary smart.
He likes to pull the whole "I don't speak english" card when I tell him not to do something he wants to continue doing and when we try to make him use his voice to get something he wants he might respond with a "bup" and tries to just take it. But I am on to him now! He is sneaky smart - he loves to show me each and every day that he has no idea he has been given a developmental delay diagnosis. Those are just words that adults use but Peanut is using his own words and actions to show us all the truth!

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