Friday, October 29, 2010

Sweet Pea meets her brothers

We brought Sweet Pea home from the hospital 48 hours after she was born and she was greeted first by Peanut. Peanut was torn between his curiosity, his desire to take her binky and wanting to lick her? Did I say lick her? Yes, my boy vacillated between intense scrutiny of his little sister and attempting to lick her. It was adorable in all ways!

Little Man arrived home from preschool a few hours later and ran through the door in complete excitement to see his baby sister. His smile stretched from ear to ear and he literally could not get enough of her. He held her over and over, kissing her head and cheeks and rubbing his cheek against hers. His first question in the morning is about Sweet Pea and his last kiss at night belongs to her. He is just over the moon about his baby sister in a way that warms my heart.

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