Monday, November 1, 2010

Roar, Trick or Treat

Little Man told us for week that he wanted to be a lion for Halloween so that he would be allowed to roar at people for a whole day without getting in trouble. And sure enough, that is what he did. He has the cutest roar followed by a sheepish smile in the world. He went door to door saying "Roar, Trick or Treat" and was just so proud of himself.

Peanut was supposed to be a dragon but after a growth spurt sent him popping the seams on his dragon outfit we went with plan B - a much larger Elephant costume that Little Man wore last year. He was the cutest darn elephant on the planet. He wasn't sure he wanted people to put candy in his bag and decided it was much better if he got to carry a piece in each hand. So he collected 2 pieces of candy all night and was content!
The boys were sweet and all that is cute in the costumes. They went with Papa Bear to the neighborhood parade and ended with cupcakes before returning home to trick or treat at a few houses on our street.

I got to snap a few pictures with Sweet Pea in them before she melted down from being in a costume, out in the cold and not eating for a whole 10 minutes!

And last but not least, Little Man found it much more efficient to ride his new scooter house to house to get his candy on but couldn't wear the lion hood with his helmet so there had to be some compromise!

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