Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Aliens Catching Dreams

For the past week Little Man continues to talk about aliens who catch bad dreams. I have asked him repeatedly about these aliens, who told him about them, what they look like, what kind of dreams they catch etc. He hasn't been upset about the aliens, but he has been adamant that they catch dreams and that he learned about them in school. I couldn't imagine why aliens would be in his curriculum at school so I asked him if Declan (a friend who is very knowledgeable about space) told him about aliens. Again, I couldn't get much of a straight answer from him, but he seemed fond of these aliens.

Then I noticed in his school bag that he had made a dream catcher out of a paper plate, hole puncher, string and some feathers. (it is just as cool as it sounds that my Little Man made this). I began to put two and two together and realized that they must have made a dream catcher and somehow he got mixed up and combined the dream catcher with a story a friend told him about an alien.

I was almost right.

This morning he showed me his headband that had feathers coming out of it and said "Look Mama, I am an alien and I catch dreams". I said, "oh you mean you are an Indian! And Indians make dream catchers!" He said, "Ok I am an Indian. But I want to do it my way and be an alien." I then asked him what an alien was and he rolled his eyes and said "Mama, they wear these headbands and catch dreams, that is what an alien is."

So now my equation finally makes sense. They are studying Thanksgiving and in my boys world the pilgrims sat down to dinner with aliens that catch dreams.

It could have happened!

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