Friday, November 5, 2010

Who's on First

A few weeks ago I had a very frustrating conversation with Little Man. It was one of those "Who's on First" circular conversations that has no end, ever, ever no matter how logical and reasonable I tried to be. It started because Little Man was rhyming words and he said "Silly and Billy rhyme - hey mama, Silly and Billy rhyme, isn't that cool?" From that point forward the conversation took a turn for the worst and it went something like this:

"Silly and Billy rhyme - hey mama, Silly and Billy rhyme, isn't that cool?"
"Yes honey, that is cool. They do rhyme."
"Mama, what's a Billy?"
"Billy is someone's name."
(do you see where this is going yet?)
"Who is Billy?"
"Well, we don't actually know a Billy. But Billy is a name, it is someone's name"
"Why don't we know a Billy"
"I don't know honey, maybe one day we will know someone named Billy"
"Mama, who is Billy?"
"Honey, we don't know a Billy?"
(now do you see how this conversation is not going to ever end?)
"Mama, what's a Billy?"
"Little Man, I have explained that Billy is someone's name"
"Whose name is Billy?"
"Billy's name is Billy"
"Who is Billy?"
"We don't know a Billy"
"Where does Billy live?"
"He lives with Humpty Dumpty"
"Ohhhhhhh, ok mama. I didn't know Billy lived with Humpty Dumpty!!!"

Ok so yes, I lied to my son about Billy living with Humpty Dumpty, but since Humpty Dumpty doesn't really live there I figured it wouldn't really hurt. Little Man thinks that this house on his way to school that has a wall in front of it is Humpty Dumpty's house and I figured that I could end the conversation by lumping Billy into that same house and it worked. So Humpty Dumpty and Billy live in this house and I found a way to end a conversation that was never going to have an ending. Little Man cracks me up and can be relentless when pursuing a topic that he wants to understand. I feel bad for his teachers!

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