Sunday, November 7, 2010

Biting My Tongue and 12 Days = Lifetime

Ok first, I am biting my tongue today partially wishing I had done that yesterday before I declared through the night for Sweet Pea. I wanted to document it because this blog serves as the kids baby books in a lot of ways but at the same time as soon as I typed the words I was thinking "I am going to regret this". So there was nothing "through the night" about last night and I needed every second of that extra hour of sleep to feel human this morning. So last night wasn't a good sleep night for Sweet Pea (or Little Man for that matter) but tonight is a new night and we will hope for better.

On a totally different note, this morning I was nursing Sweet Pea and I realized that she is only 12 days old and yet I already can not imagine life without her. I am madly in love with my daughter and look at her tiny nose that resembles mine so much and look forward to all of the memories she and I will have together. I look at her long long fingers and wonder if she will play piano (if she does it is because she gets Papa Bear's musical ability) or if she will play basketball like I did. I can't wait to see how she fits in the family dynamic with the boys and what personality will emerge as she gets older. Will she be tough as nails growing up with two big brothers or soft and coddled by them? Will she love pink and all things frilly or blue and play with matchbox cars with her big brothers or somewhere in between where she convinces her brothers to have a tea party with her and give matchbox cars as the hostess gift. There are so many wonderful memories to be made with our little family that now feels complete with Sweet Pea here. In just a few days she has filled our house with even more love than before and opened up more doors of wonder and possibility. Oh the power of a newborn, the power of love, the power of Sweet Pea! I love you Baby Girl!

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