Thursday, November 4, 2010

Peanut and Sweet Pea

Peanut has never looked so big and grown up as when he is holding Sweet Pea. Two days ago Peanut became interested in more than just licking her or stealing her binky. For once, the Monkey See Monkey Do relationship with Little Man and Peanut resulted in something other than dangerous attempts to jump from high places. Peanut has watched Little Man hold and love on Sweet Pea for a week and he decided it was his turn and he hasn't let go yet! He is so good with her, supports her head and kisses her. Then he signs "All Done" and then as soon as I take her he asks for her back. This process can last for 30 minutes if Sweet Pea doesn't complain too loud. Two weeks ago he was my sweet baby boy and today he is very obviously my sweet little boy - a baby no more.

- as a side note: Sweet Pea is off of phototherapy and her bilirubin level is on it's way down! Yay! No more glowworm!

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