Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Surviving 3 Kids - All 3 years and younger

Today was my first day home with all 3 kids on my own and my big takeaways from the day are:

1. I never stop moving. From one second to the next I am changing diapers, cleaning up messes, giving kisses, getting kids in or out of the car, making meals, cleaning up from meals, cleaning up from cleaning up. I just didn't stop moving all day.

2. I am going to be dehydrated for the next few months. With all of that moving I never managed to get myself a swig of water and if I did I ended up having to give it up for one of the kids that needed something to drink.

3. Sweet Pea is going to have to be even more flexible than Peanut had to be when he was little. In the course of 3 hours she was taken in and out of her car seat almost 10 times. She was a trooper though and slept when she could and was very easy for the entire morning.

4. Outfit changes are just a part of our day. We had 3 Sweet Pea outfit changes, 1 Little Man outfit change, 2 Peanut outfit changes and 1 for me. I had spit up on me by 7:30 am and finally changed my shirt when I had my 3rd or 4th spit up shower of the day.

5. I am more exhausted than I can remember being in a long long time and every ounce of exhaustion is well worth it. Sweet Pea holding onto my finger while she nurses, Peanut giving me extended hugs and reading books with me during our few minutes of alone time and Little Man's excitement to be with his brother and sister after school were my happy thoughts that got me through the exhaustion.

6. I will find my stride. It isn't always going to feel this hard. There may be days that feel harder and some that go smoothly. Sweet Pea is only going to be this tiny for so long and the boys are growing so quickly - I am going to live in this moment. I am going to live in this exhaustion and love it for everything that it is!

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  1. So beautifully expressed. Wonderful that you are aware of the special time you have now that you will never have again. You make me proud! MeeMom