Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our little glowworm

Sweet Pea has jaundice that has progressed to the point that she requires 24 hour phototherapy so she has a blue LED light (thus the glowworm reference) strapped across her back that is connected to a very expensive machine and plugged into a wall. This means that we are on a rather short leash while we try to get the daily tasks accomplished. However, I am eternally grateful that we can do this at home rather than have to admit and leave her at the hospital. We have had a bilirubin test (blood test) daily since we left the hospital and although her levels have gotten better they still are not good enough for her to get off of the phototherapy. While my house becomes even more of a natural disaster and the laundry builds up, Sweet Pea and I spend time laying together in bed while she sleeps on her LED light and staring at each other when she is awake. I miss my time with the boys and I know for sure that they are feeling the difference with me not around as much but I am trying to focus on the fact that this is temporary and snuggle time with my 3rd baby will be very limited when Papa Bear goes back to work and we are untethered from the phototherapy. In the mean time, any and all prayers are welcome to help her jaundice disappear as quickly as possible, that the boys, especially Peanut adjust as well as possible to the changes that are rampant in the house and that my patience holds as I adjust as well.

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