Monday, November 7, 2011

Cronkite, Moving Streets and Compulsions

Peanut's new nickname around this house is Cronkite because he is constantly giving us ground breaking news reports.  His love for being able to say more than one or two words in a sentence has manifested itself into saying EVERY sentence that pops into his adorable little head.  As breakfast is halfway over (and we are all eating) - "Mommy, Papa made cheesy eggs for breakfast!"  We get minute by minute updates when he is on the potty and when he is in bed at night we are still privy to his innermost thoughts as we hear "How big is Lexa?  So big! and 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,11".  Little Man no longer gets away with the I didn't do anything excuse because will give us the skinny on any basement skirmish or toy battle.  I love every news report we get and cherish even most mundane update because my boy is talking and working so hard to tell us what is going on in his adorable little head.

Moving Streets
We were on the metro train heading into D.C. and I was answering an onslaught of questions for Little Man about the workings of the train, the cars he was seeing, if we would see worms when the train went underground etc.  I love his questions.  Then he says "Mama, why do the cars all move at different times?  Why don't we just have moving streets with batteries under the ground so that everyone can get where they want to go at the same time".  Brilliant.  We discussed why it might be better to have cars moving like if a part of the moving street broke down everyone would have to stop but if a car broke down everyone else can keep going.  We talked and discussed the pros and cons of each situation and he is still convinced he is the brilliant one and moving streets is better than a moving car.  It finally came down to it would be cooler that way.  Love how his little mind works and I love that he questions the things that I just take for granted as being the way that they are.

Compulsion to Dance
Sweet Pea just can't help herself.  If she is in the middle of a tantrum or fussing because one of her brother's took her toy, just start singing any song.  Anything.  Really, she doesn't care what you sing.  Hum a tune and her head starts to go back and forth, her knees bend and her little booty shakes.  She just can't help herself which is why Papa Bear and I were singing the entire way back on the metro.  She wasn't upset but she was being her usual loud self and we didn't want to disturb the other passengers so whenever she would start yelling, we took up singing and she would dance instead of yell.  I just have to love simple solutions to Sweet Pea dilemmas.

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