Thursday, November 10, 2011

The "Little Man" in Charge

"I'm tired of cleaning and washing.  I am going to supervise instead"

Yes, those are the way too grown up words of my 4 year old while I was mopping the kitchen floor.  I had asked him to wipe down the kitchen chairs and he very cheerily took on the task.  About half way through he decided that he would prefer to supervise the process.  So I asked him what it meant to supervise.

"It means to look and to watch while someone else does something and see if it is ok or not."

So yes, he does get the purpose of supervising and has a firm grasp on the proper role of a supervisor.  When I was mopping the bathroom floor he decided that he wanted to be the helper again and asked if he could mop while I supervised him.  I do appreciate his willingness as a supervisor to get down and do the work as well because we all know that a good supervisor is someone who knows the challenges that someone they are supervising might face.  It was also very helpful because he is so small that he could get into the bathroom and mop with the door shut getting all of the places that I can't reach.  Thinking that maybe Papa Bear or I had taught him the fine roll of supervisor or that he gleaned this information from my Human Resources career, I asked him where he learned about supervising.

"Winnie the Pooh.  You know when Rabbit supervised everything"

Well folks, there you have it.

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  1. And I laughed and laughed out loud! Go figure! Still laughing!