Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Sweet Pea Note

Sweet Pea is now 13 months old, I don't know why, but I have a hard time thinking of her as that old.  Maybe is it is that she doesn't have a lot of hair so is more babyish in her appearance.  Maybe it is that she is smaller than the boys and much more dainty.  Maybe it is because no matter how many children you have, they are all different and so I have no idea what to expect from a 13 month old.

Sweet Pea has added another couple of words to her vocabulary.  She says papa and hat as well as an occasional mama, uh oh, ta da and this.   She also signs "more" consistently and we are working on "all done, "help" and "please".  She can sign all done but prefers to just scream and throw her food instead. Yeah, we are working on that one.

She cut her bottom molars over the past few weeks and is still napping twice a day and going to bed around 7:30.  She is waking up about 6:30 but has been content to play in her crib until the rest of us get up. (Little Man has been sleeping in or playing in his room until about 7:30 too and Peanut would sleep all day if we let him).

Sweet Pea is still our easiest to run errands with and our MVP on most outings since she is more content to sit and watch or play near me than the boys are but I see that changing over the next 6 months. 

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