Sunday, April 29, 2012

The King Of Funny

Little Man has been dubbed the King of Funny by his friends in school.  And I have to say, his dry sarcastic wit (wonder where he got that from) combined with his literal view on the world and his natural comedic timing do indeed make him the King of Funny.  Here are a few examples:

We had a rental car for a while and every time I got into the back of the car to strap car seats I would hurt myself on a low hanging part of the roof.  I would hit my head on the way in or on the way out.  After a few days, Little Man sighed and asked me if I had hit my head again.  I told him that I had and he simply said "Mama, that thing you hit your head on, well it doesn't move, it is in the same place EVERY day.  Maybe you should move your head".  Then he smiled at me. 

I have had some accidents in the kitchen with knives and the cheese grater (I inherit this bad luck from my mom).  Anyway, the other day I pulled out the cheese grater and Little Man goes "Someone get the band-aids, Mama is using the cheese grater again".  Then he smiled at me.

Little Man will disappear for a while and come back dressed up in something trying to make the room laugh.  Most recently, he comes back into the room totally naked except for high heels and a police hat.  (Sadly, his baby sister is learning from him.  Today she appeared naked, having stripped off her diaper, wearing only crocs.)

Ah, my sweet King of Funny.  I love that he always wants to make people laugh and I love that he does it in his own literal, sarcastic witty way. 

(Little Man has also confessed that one of his friends also calls him the King of Crazy, but that will be another post)

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