Sunday, April 15, 2012


This weekend we took the kids to an event called "Touch-A-Truck" and it was everything that a little boy could want.  Just ask Peanut...
 They played on tow trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, police cruisers and helicopters.  They even got to get in the cages in an animal control truck.
Little Man asked a million and a half questions of each truck driver.  I was so impressed with his intelligent and adorable questions.  He was the only kid that didn't want to just lay on the horn and try to steer the truck. He wanted to know exactly what the ladder hooks were for and how the tow trucks operated the hooks.  Peanut, well he just wanted to drive....
Sweet Pea was not impressed with the trucks and did not enjoy all of the air horns being blasted.  She spent almost all of her time snugged up into my neck with her little arms tightly gripping my shoulders.  She spiked a fever later in the day so part of it might have been that she just wasn't feeling that well.
Many large trucks in a parking lot is a dream come true for my boys.  Peanut and Little Man agreed that the boat was their favorite though...
Personally, I enjoyed all of the questions that the boys asked the firefighters. 
What a perfect family fun event. 

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  1. Looks like fun! I almost bought a Superman shirt yesterday.