Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Man turns 5

"Being 5 doesn't feel any different than being 4.  Why don't I feel different?"  These are the words that Little Man confessed to me this afternoon.  He might not feel any different being 5 but I am having a hard time believing that my first born is already 5 years old.  I see the differences every day.  I can distinctly remember his first 12 hours.  I remember unwrapping his swaddling blanket and pouring over every inch of him.  I studied his perfect little fingers and toes.  When he was sleeping with me every night and I was exhausted I used to say "When he is 5, he won't be sleeping in my bed anymore so I should just enjoy this time" and when he I was potty training him I just told myself, he won't be in diapers when he is 5.  Now my baby boy is 5 and he is reading and going to kindergarten orientations and becoming an independent sweet soul.  I am not sure I am ready for all of this but he is ready.  He is very ready to be 5!

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