Sunday, March 4, 2012

Imaginary Superhero Friends

Little Man has an imaginary friend.  Her name is Gaduleanet and she is a superhero who lives at our house or at the school and goes just about everywhere with him.  He shares this wonderful imaginary superhero friend with his best friend at school, Sebastian. They made her up together and even came up with the name together.  According to Sebastian, she is actually a he and went to Philadelphia with him.  According to Little Man, he is a she and lives in his room.  Little Man talks about her so much that Papa Bear actually thought she was a student in Little Man's preschool class.

 "Gauduleanet helps people and takes care of them.  She helps whales by getting them back in the water if they are stuck and she helps us because if a bad guy tries to get her she changes herself into a statue to fool the bad guys.  She lives on the playground at the school most of the time but makes frequent visits to our house.  She also helps them if they get lost in the forest, she always helps them find the way back."

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