Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One of THOSE Days

This morning Peanut escaped into the garage and when he was coming back into the house he slipped on something and fell and hit his head on the concrete floor with a resounding thud.  It was a sickening sound according to Papa Bear.  We hugged him and got him an icepack while giving thanks for hard, thick skulls.  Peanut kept telling us that his "welt" hurt. 

When we were loading up the car to take Little Man to school, Sweet Pea wondered into the driveway.  I went to get her and saw a neighbor.  I stopped to say hi and my very social Little Man joined me.  Peanut took advantage of this time to climb into the front of the car and use the garage remote to close the door.  We were all stuck outside of the house while Peanut was happily playing in the car.  My neighbor kindly tried to break into my house while I tied to coax Peanut to push the button again.  The good news is that my house would be very hard to break into, the bad news was that my house was impossible to break in to.  After 15 minutes of pleading, Peanut finally re-opened the garage door.  He thought it was "so funny" and kept telling people at the school that he "locked mama out of garage".  Yes, yes he did. Twice.  I didn't learn my lesson and he did it again after dinner while we were all playing in the driveway and having smoothie popsicles. 

Little Man had an entire conversation with his imaginary friend at dinner complete with a secret handshake.  He told me that his favorite part of school was playing with Gaduleanet.  I really wish that I weren't paying for him to socialize with imaginary friends.  Peanut was so confused as he watched Little Man talking to an empty space and kept asking him "where Gaduleanet?".  It was an exercise Samuel Beckett style.

Sweet Pea started the day in a cute dress and ended up in sneakers and babylegs.  It was quite a sight but due to it being both spaghetti night and smoothie popsicle night - there was nothing I could do.  She skins both knees every night now that we play outside after dinner and she thinks she can run really fast and make it to the street before I catch her.  The good news is that she is tough and doesn't cry, the bad new is that Little Man gets so upset at the sight of her blood that he cries. 

Oh it was just one of THOSE days.

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