Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shoe Shopping

I took my baby girl shoe shopping today!  It was so much fun and exactly as I had always imagined it would be.  She has easy feet to find shoes for but she is very clear on what she likes and doesn't like.  After dropping the boys off at school, we went to Marshalls.  I needed some sandals that would stay on her feet, be easy to get on and off and would go well with all of her spring and summer dresses.  Summer is coming early this year and all she had was sneakers.  We picked out 4 pairs of shoes and then went and sat on a bench. She was so chuffed with herself for getting to sit there like a big girl.  The first pair I put on her, she shook her head no said "all done" and tried to shake them off of her feet.  She did the same with the second pair.  The third got a big smile and she refused to take them off, even to pay for them.  So I put her up on the counter and for $12.99 she was rung up and purchased.  A bargain in my book and such a fun outing.  I am really looking forward to the mother/daughter times that we will get to have as she gets older. 

Update on yesterday:  Papa Bear has installed a keypad entry to the garage in case Peanut decides to lock us out again.

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