Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Sentiments

After a family fun day of errands, parks, water play, barbeques and cake we finished up with movie night.  We watch The Curious George Movie (again).  It has actually been quite a while since we watched it and since Peanut is a bit older now I asked him what his favorite part was.  He told me it was the rocket ship.  Little Man was upset that I hadn't asked him about his favorite part.  So of course, I obliged and asked him to tell me about his favorite part.  Here is how the conversation went:

Little Man, tell me about your favorite part!
My favorite part is this.
SilenceI thought he was being silly since the credits were rolling and I didn't want to engage in a conversation about how the credits were his favorite part.
You are supposed to say, "the movie?"
Ok, your favorite part was the movie?
No, not the movie, spending time with you.

It was so sweet, not just the sentiment but that he had clearly planned out how the conversation would go so that his he could express his sweet sentiments.  Someone knows exactly how to play up to Mama Bear. 

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