Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick Updates...More to Come

I will try to expand on some of these quick updates and stories but I wanted to get them up before my mama brain kicks in and they are lost or diluted.

Little Man was 100% successful at school this morning. His little chin quivered momentarily as we hung his coat up and walked into the room but I reminded him of the wonderful bribe I offered him if he didn't cry. I know, I know, great parenting skills. But it breaks my heart to walk away from my sobbing son so I did what I had to do and it worked. He got to have 3 M&M's and watch the Curious George movie while he ate his lunch. He had a great time at school. He told me he had chocolate chip muffins for snack and it was so good that he didn't eat his grapes. He painted on the other side - I have no idea what the means - but I am guessing that he wanted to paint on a particular side of the easle but he had to paint "on the other side" because someone was already on the side he wanted. He was most excited about playing on the firetruck on the playground with Mrs. H and singing itsy bitsy spider and twinkle twinkle little star - except according to the lesson plans he didn't sing those songs. But all in all - success and fun and he is adjusting fabulously!
The other night I made dinner but due to timing, Papa Bear and Little Man were at the table eating together while I nursed Peanut. I overheard a great conversation.

Little Man - "Thank you for making me dinner Papa"
Papa Bear - " Mama made your dinner, all I did was put sour cream on top for you"
Little Man - "Thank you for putting sour cream on my dinner Papa"
Mama Bear - "Hey, can I get a little thanks over here!!"
Little Man - "Thank you for making me pizza Papa!"
Papa Bear - "All I did was heat up a frozen pizza"
Mama Bear - "Hey, how come you get thanked for sour cream and frozen pizza?"
Little Man - "Thank you Mama!"
There is a chance that Peanut is allergic to dairy (ok, I get the irony that his nickname is a food that he is NOT allergic to) Anyway, this means that I have to cut all dairy out of my diet until he is weaned and hope that he grows out of it. So YAY SOY! The change has been amazing - he and I haven't had to have a zillion outfit changes due to tons of spit up. But boy would I love to have a tall glass of milk.

Ok I think that is it for now. Neither of the boys are sleeping well due to runny noses from the weather changes - so I am going to go lay down and count the minutes until I have to put the binky back in for Peanut or convince Little Man that he needs to sleep in his own bed.

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