Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub 2 Boys In a Tub

*Update* - Since this is a public site we have edited some of the bath time boy parts to keep our boys safe.

Little Man and Peanut had their first joint bath time. We felt that Peanut was stable enough while sitting up and Little Man was gentle enough with him that it could work out well (or not) but we wanted to find out. There were a couple of incidents where Little Man could not restrain his desire to dump water on Peanut's head - but the result was that if he dumped water on Peanut - well then I dumped it on Little Man. (I know, I know, Mean Mama Bear but he learned quickly) It won't be long before Peanut is defending himself and since he is only 6 pounds less that Little Man he is going to be able to handle himself just fine. I think that Peanut's favorite part was that he finally got to play with toys in the bath tub and was chasing the lobster through the water. I think Little Man loved having a brand new toy (Peanut) in the bath with him. It was twice the fun, twice the mess, twice the work and took about half the time. A success on all accounts.

Mohawk Twins

Loving the Toys

Getting Water Dumped on His Head

A look that spells "REVENGE"

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  1. Those pics make me laugh! And how funny that Peanut is only 6 lbs less than Little Man!!! Your boys are the cutest!