Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Case of the Missing Credit Card

A mystery has been solved in this house and it's resolution had 2 wonderful outcomes. But before I give it away, let me start at the beginning or at least where we thought this started.

A few weeks ago I was buying something on the internet and had borrow Papa Bear's credit card to do so. After using it, I laid it down on the table and a few minutes later it was gone. Papa Bear hadn't picked it up and I hadn't seen it disappear but we figured that like most things that disappear in this house, eventually it would reappear.

And it did! In the most surprising spot! Two days ago, my computer was once again on the table and Papa Bear looked down and spotted the corner of the credit card sticking out from the optical disc drive on my Mac Book. This was amazing for two reasons. First, we were just about to cancel the card and give up on finding it in the house and second, my optical drive hadn't been working for the few weeks. It was rejecting any CD or DVD that we loaded and we were about to take it to the apple store to get fixed. So two mystery's solved really, the missing credit card and the broken optical drive.

We asked Little Man if he had done it and he denied all liability. We believe him as he is constantly telling on himself. Like this morning when I asked him if he put all his pee-pee in the potty and he said "No, I put it in the trash can." He knew he was going to get in trouble but he hasn't reached that age where he actually learns how to lie about it. (thank goodness) So we are decently sure that Peanut who is at just the right height to see the credit card on the table and find a perfect hiding spot for it is the culprit. It isn't that surprising since we are constantly having to check his hiding spots around the house for things like the remote control, the phone and his binkys. What a stinker!

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