Saturday, July 31, 2010

How our plan backfired....

We have spent most of our summer at the pool due to the extreme heat and the fact that I am literally an oven for Baby Girl. Peanut has not always been super cooperative at the pool. He tends to try to eat the dirt from the plants to get a rise out of me, escape from the baby pool area whenever possible and climb up the steps to the water slide every chance he gets. This afternoon Papa Bear and I had the brilliant idea of letting him go down the water slide so that it would scare him and he would leave it alone. It seemed like a good plan at the time. Papa Bear let him walk up the steps and Peanut seemed reluctant at the top and tried to go back down. We figured "success!!" and then he turned around and went to the top of the slide. So Papa Bear put him in the slide and Peanut seemed eager and Papa Bear gave him a little shove and whoosh down he went! I caught him at the bottom and he immediately laughed and splashed and clapped his hands and tried to swim to the side. As soon as I put him on the side he went right for the stairs. So instead of scaring him off, we have created a monster. He went down 4 more times until we called a halt to it and made him go back to the baby pool. We should have known better, we really should have - the kid has no fear and finds humor and fun in just about everything!!

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