Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Gems of Little Man

When Little Man wouldn't move over so that Peanut could sit on my lap too.
Mama Bear: Little Man, you have to share Mama with Peanut. You know that.
Little Man: Mama, you aren't a toy. You know that.

While playing grocery shopping with his friend Kate at a playdate.
Kate: I am the mommy and you are the daddy
Little Man: I am the Big Daddy
Kate: Ok, come on Big Daddy

While discussing Baby Girl - although obviously the gender is still in question in one of our minds!
Mama Bear: Are you excited to meet your baby sister?
Little Man: Yes! I hope she is a boy!

Because he is really training to be the perfect husband for some wonderful girl one day.
Little Man: Mama, you look super pretty today!
Mama Bear: Thank you so much, that makes me feel happy.
Little Man: I will tell Papa to say you are pretty so he can make you happy too.

Reminding Kate of their planned secret rendezvous at the pool when she was sad about their playdate ending.
Kate: I don't want to go! I want to stay
Little Man: But remember (nudge nudge). It's ok, remember.....
Kate: Oh yeah!

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