Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Cuts

Today was Haircut Day. Typically, to both save money and time, I give the boys their haircuts. I can handle trims and bangs and touch-ups - but they needed overhauls so we went to the semi-professionals at Hair Cuttery. Peanut was not impressed with their facility or their smiles. He cried/whimpered and clung to me the whole time making quite a mess out of both of us. Little Man, a pro a hair cuts, was adorable in his flirting with the stylist and giving her pointers as she went. I know, why are hair cuts at this point blog worthy. Well, it is mostly in the Peanut world that it is blog worthy. My baby and his curls are now an almost dirty blond little boy that makes me do a double take. So grown up and boyish in his charm that if it weren't for his baby fat chubby cheeks that jiggle when he walks or his roll of beautiful fat beneath his knee I would probably cry at the loss of his littleness. It is just so wonderfully difficult to watch them grow and become little boys because I know that they will soon (much sooner than I am ready for) become men and I want to keep my baby boys little forever. So the next over haul hair cuts might not be for a while. Here are my handsome little boys.


  1. You gave me a good chuckle! Awesome haircuts!

  2. they are so handsome!

    and i find it quite hilarious that you referred to the the people who work at hair-cuttery as "semi-professional." lol!