Monday, October 31, 2011

A day full of laughter and lots of noise

Mee-Mom and Mommom came for a visit to celebrate Sweet Pea turning 1 and Mee-Mom turning a bit more than 1.  It was chaotic, noisy, hysterical and a perfectly blended day of many generations.  My Mommom came loaded with gifts to spoil the kids and she managed to both spoil them and spoil me.  There is nothing better than watching Peanut snuggle into the same arms that I can remember climbing into to receive similar spoiling.  Mee-Mom was treated to special hugs from Sweet Pea which turned her into a big pile of Mee-Mom mush.  Little Man was in heaven with his "bestest friend" Mee-Mom and Peanut practiced talking all day long because he just had so much to say to his Mee-Mom.  It was one of those days that you just want to memorize every detail and try and remember each hysterical or heart-felt moment as much as possible.

Sweet Pea loved playing with Simba and by playing, I mean trying to attack her.


She also sported her new outfit from Mommom.  Look at that tush!


We attempted to get a good picture of 4 generations of women in my family...we got a lot of pictures....but not a lot of good ones.  It was fun trying though.

We finally gave up and let Little Man join in the picture which proved even more entertaining....

But these two are cute and I think we are all actually looking at the camera and smiling/grimacing but at least not screaming



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