Friday, October 28, 2011

Sweet Pea turns 1

Sweet Pea is such a big girl now.  It is hard to remember her as the tiny 7 pounds 14 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long she was when we brought her home just a year ago.  Now she weighs in at 25 pound 14 ounces and is 31 1/2 inches long.  Yup, in only one year she has gained 18 pounds and grown 10 inches.  We don't keep them little in this house for very long at all!  She is off the chart for both height and weight so we yet again, do not have a growth percentile for one of our children.  But as big as she is, she is still smaller than her brothers at this age.  She weighs a pound less than Little Man and 3 pounds less than Peanut when they were 1.  So to us, she is our sweet petite girl.

Sweet Pea's Yelling Face

Sweet Pea is walking all the time now and this evening she got up to standing on her own without holding onto a toy/wall/brother for support.  She is still walking like she is about to fight someone but can increase and decrease speeds at her leisure now and walks less like a drunk.  Her 4 words (this, uh oh, mama and ta da) are adorable but her main way of communication is screaming.  She yells.  A lot.  She yells to get someone's attention, she yells if she wants more food, she yells if she wants a toy that she can't reach and the worst part is that the boys in this house jump to do her bidding so she is encouraged to keep yelling.

The day she turned 1 she cut her 7th tooth and 2 days later has cut her 8th tooth.  I am hoping that means better sleep for a while.  Prior to the tooth cutting sleeplessness - Sweet Pea is/was taking two 1 1/2 hour naps and sleeping from 7:30-7:00.  She eats everything.  She eats the same breakfast, lunch and dinner that we serve the rest of the family and eats as much as her brothers do.  She prefers to feed herself which of course lands her in the bathtub just about every night.  Sister loves chocolate and has a sweet tooth.  She proved that on her birthday when she was the first of all three kids to truly enjoy her cupcake.

She loved unwrapping her gifts but didn't get much of a chance to really play with them because the boys immediately confiscated them as their own.  Which means that Little Man was walking around practicing ballet in his tiara and princess want and Peanut carried his new purse everywhere.

My current favorite things about Sweet Pea are:
1.  Her hugs - Sister can cuddle better than a cashmere teddy bear.  She loves to give hugs and they are long and warm and the best thing ever.
2.  Her dance moves are the best. She has an arm swing, head bob move that I just love and you only have to hum a few bars of any song to see them. She is my dancer for sure.
3.  Her crooked grin. She loves to feel her bottom teeth on her gums but to do this she slides her jaw and then smiles making such an adorable face I have to kiss her.

Sweet Pea has completed our family and has filled our lives with laughter and love every day of her 1 year.  I can't wait to see what is in store for the next year!

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