Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Money Tree

The other day Little Man was playing outside with a neighborhood friend for a lot of the afternoon.  They were off by themselves for most of the time playing their games and telling secrets.  When I asked him later what they were playing he said that they were planting seeds and waiting for their trees to grow.  I asked him if they were pretend trees and he said that they were real seeds that they planted so they had to be real trees too.  On the way home from school the next day he was very excited and couldn't wait until his friend came home from school (she is 7) so that they could go check on their trees.  Then he said "Mama, you are going to be so so happy with me when I find my trees. Do you know why, Mama?" Then he says in a stage whisper "BECAUSE WE PLANTED MONEY TREES and I am going to give you all of my money, well some of it".  I love his imagination and his innocence.  I love that he is still convinced that the money trees are just missing and that one day he will find his money tree.  When I asked him what he will do with the money on the money tree he said he would share some with me but only 5 dollars and he would use the seeds to plant more money trees.  Yeah, he gets that part from me.  Some people are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...but Little Man and I are just looking for the missing money trees.

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