Friday, October 14, 2011

Put 'em up, Put 'em up

Sweet Pea walks like she is going to fight someone at any moment.  Her tiny hands are clenched in ineffectual fists, her arms are bent at the elbows and held in front of her ready to take a swing at her imaginary foe.  It is my most favorite thing to watch right now.  She does this super wide leg wobble and barely bends her knees as she wobbles through the house. She now says 4 words - uh oh, this, mama and ta-da!  There are stories behind a few of those - but I will save them for a different post.

Little Man is constantly fighting bad guys.  I mean, when he isn't piloting airplanes or rocketships he is sword fighting bad guys or dragons.  We don't allow toy guns or swords in the house but honestly I don't know why I bother.  Little Man has built himself a gun out of bristle blocks and tonight he and Peanut were sword fighting with plastic coat hangers.  I wanted to stop them but they were playing so brilliantly together I hesitated to break up the play.  But then they accidentally on purpose smacked each other a little too hard and I took the hanger/swords away.

The other night at dinner I asked Peanut if he could count for me and sure enough he counted to 8!  My adorable Peanut who couldn't say a single word a year ago counted to 8 perfectly!  And today at school I heard him count to 5 for his teacher and name all of his colors.  His teacher told me that he tends to use his body to move kids out of his way but he was a gem in class today and laughed and played all day.  I never thought I would have a kid love school as much as Little Man, but Peanut loves it just as equally.  There is a sensitive side to Peanut that I am just seeing emerge.  He doesn't like for people to see him cry.  It is such a bigger kid emotion and I am so used to seeing him as my baby boy that it is both endearing and surprising to me.

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