Friday, May 25, 2012

The King Of Nice

The next certificate goes to the King Of Nice.  He has a great sense of empathy for a child his age.  He is a peacemaker and is genuinely concerned for anyone who is hurt or sad or different.  I have seen him stop playing a game with his friends to go and offer to play with a child who is sad and off alone.  He would offer to pull Shaylie in the wagon because she couldn't play with the other kids on the playground and he is always willing to compromise when there is a conflict.  I know grown-ups who could learn from him.  Never change King of Nice.

These are the words that Little Man's teacher said before presenting him with his Preschool Graduation certificate.  She actually couldn't finish the whole thing because she thought that she was going to cry.  My heart was swollen with pride as I heard his "superlative title" and I leaned down and told him that I have never been more proud of him.  It's true that I am proud but it is also true that I can't take most of the credit.  It is who he is and how he was made, his little heart is just filled with love and concern for everyone.

We were also treated to a play and a song.  Papa Bear and I were so thrilled to watch him in his cute ceremony that we know signals a change for him (and us) as he starts Kindergarten in the fall.  Sweet Pea was also thrilled and yelled "Ja Ja" as soon as his part came up in the play.  Little Man's buddy E and his mom, Aunt Jen also came to celebrate and show support for Little Man.  He told me on our way home that having Jen and E there made him feel very important.  And he is!

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