Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vocabulary Lessons....

Today Little Man and I were working on a puzzle and when we got a particularly difficult part done I said "Well aren't we fancy".  His immediate response was "You aren't fancy, you are pretty".  Hmmm, what does that mean.  So I asked.  He proceeded to explain to me that girls are pretty and cute which means pink and purple and boys are handsome and fancy which means black, white and blue.  Honestly, I was stumped. I love how his little mind works and getting a glimpse into how he sees the world but I also don't want him to see things in such clear stereotypes or gender roles yet.  But we do tell him that he is handsome and tell Sweet Pea that she is pretty.  So what to do?  I decided to just let it go to enjoy our puzzle time and then he managed to floor me and make me proud all at once.  He looked up and said "But you don't care if we are fancy or cute as long as we are kind, right Mama?"  Oh how right he is! 

Later while working on another puzzle he got a bunch of pieces together and said "I have such a good remembery".  You have a what?  "A good remembery, you know a memory for remembering stuff"  Ah yes, he does have a great remembery, now we just need to work on that vocabulary!

And speaking of vocabulary....I must admit that Sweet Pea has added the word "ipad" to her ever expanding vocab.  I may wax poetic about keeping screen time limited in my house but when my 18 month old is saying "ipad" I figure that I am not fooling anyone, especially my kids.

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