Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adventure #1

In stealing the idea of Little Man's preschool teacher (and another friend from the class who started this a few weeks ago with her kids) we have started an Adventure Journal.  I took the kids to Staples and let them each pick out a composition notebook and a special pencil.  And after a quick stop to get the marshmallows for the ice cream social to lure Little Man back to Swim Team, we were off on our first adventure. 

We drove to a park and the boys carried their notebooks as we headed down a wooded path.  We decided that on each adventure we would draw pictures of or write words about things that we 1. Saw 2. Heard 3. Smelled and 4. Touched  (I left taste out for a VERY Peanut specific reason.  We haven't been successful in getting him to stop eating ants and so a taste category on our adventures seemed unwise)

We all walked through the woods and talked about everything around us.  We stopped many times to record things in the journals or just to throw a rock in a puddle (all puddles were referred to as ponds or rivers regardless of their size).  We saw turtles, heard crickets, touched leaves and smelled poop.  Yes, that's right.  When we got to a small dock that over looks a pond there was a pile on the side.  Little Man immediately said "that is something that I smell" and stopped to draw a picture of poop and label it properly.  I wish I could say that it stopped there but of course Peanut decided that it should also be "something we touched".  Yeah.  Awesome. 

Anyway we continued on until we came to a park where we happened upon a ton of friends from preschool.  It was great fun and we stayed and played for an hour which turned out to be a bit to long for Sweet Pea since we had to walk back through the woods to get to the car. 

I am loving the journals and the adventures. I am hoping that this was our first and last one that involved poop, but I am almost positive that it won't be.

(Side Note:  Little Man did great at Swim Team today.  No tears and he ate the ice cream even though he was blue and shivering from the water and the un-June like temperatures.)

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