Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trying is What Matters

In exactly one week, Little Man went from crying through his entire swim practice to being able to swim like this.  He didn't want to stay that day but I told him he had to try.  The only thing that got him back the next day was the promise of ice cream.  Tonight he cried because we had to skip practice because of rain.  Trying is what matters in this house because by trying you give yourself a chance to love something that you otherwise would have deprived yourself of just because of fear.  I am so very proud of Little Man and not just because he is turning into a little fish.  They want to move him up to the next level of swim team.  Little Man doesn't want to go.  He is comfortable where he is.  I asked him what he thought he should do.  He smiled and said "try".  

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