Sunday, November 8, 2009

Holiday Pics Gone Wrong

The weather is warm, the leaves are falling and it is a perfect time for holiday pictures. If both kids were happy about the warm weather, falling leaves and picture taking. Peanut was just not into it. Little Man tried tickling him, playing with him. We tried taking his pant off (he didn't look comfortable because he is just that fat). We tried putting him on a blanket, on the grass, in the leaves but there was just no making him happy on this warm, leaf falling fall day that could have been perfect for pictures. BUT we got some great crying pics??


  1. sorry it didn't go well. hopefully this isn't a preview of how the santa pic will go this year!

  2. Little Man has already told me that he loves Santa but DOES NOT want to sit on his lap so I am not sure we are even going to try with him. So it might be a Peanut only Santa picture and I plan to trick him into it the way I did when Little Man was his age!!