Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What That Name?

The why's and the what's are prevalent in this home, but more than (almost) anything Little Man wants to know What's that name? Recently I was reading him a book and there was a picture of a little boy on the page and he said "What's that name, Mama?". I replied honestly and told him that I didn't know. He jumped right back with "Maybe his name is Jubawaba." The next day we were at a store shopping as each and every person walked by us Little Man would (loudly) inquire "What's that name, Mama?" Some very nice people would simply say their names, which thrilled Little Man and if he saw them again in the store he would call them by name. Other people simply ignored him or didn't hear him (which was quite possibly impossible given he only has one volume..REALLY LOUD). If they didn't answer (for whatever reason) he would make their name up. Saying "Maybe that Bob" or "Maybe that Tree". Then if he saw them in the store later in the trip he would call them by the name he made up for them. "Hi Tree, Hi Bob, Hi TreeBob" he would yell. And I will tell you, I wasn't embarressed in the least, well maybe when he yelled "Hi Poop" I turned a slight shade of red and pushed the cart a little faster but really they could have avoided being called Poop and TreeBob if they had just shared a second time to give him their name.

Note: It was suggested that some people didn't share their name because Little Man called them a "that" in his request of "What that name" - We are working on his pronouns but if a 2 year old calls you a "that" don't take offense. :)

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