Saturday, November 14, 2009

Look Ma...Teeth

Peanut opened his mouth to take a bite of yummy mashed peas and carrots yesterday and low and behold there was a new tooth poking through. That makes 6! He got the top 2 teeth about 2 weeks ago and then the tooth next to the big tooth (Aunt Suzi, does that have a name?) started poking through and I was so concentrated on watching the progress of the top teeth ( I know riviting stuff people) that I totally missed the bottom ones progress and SURPRISE another tooth. Now for all of you parents out there you know that 4 teeth in two weeks equates to snotty, fussy, restless babes which then equals a tired, worn out Mama Bear. I am really hoping for a week or two of teeth free, snot free easy sleeping time. But I am not counting on it.

Other news in the Peanut department. He was caught red-handed pulling up in his crib and trying to take a nose dive onto the floor. So his crib was lowered to keep him from doing a superman out of it. He is still not rolling over, crawling or showing any signs of forward movement, but he is all about the vertical movement, pulling up where ever he can. I think I might be in for some trouble :)

At 7.5 months, Peanut is getting more interested in different toys, has a tendency to want the ONE toy that is just out of his reach and will scream for it, loves his brother more than anything in the world and has the most adorable (slightly Bevis like) giggle. Oh and he is probably weighing in at about 24 or 25 pounds and is in 18-24 months clothes. The next size up in clothes is 2T which is what Little Man wears, I am hoping he doesn't catch him because then we will be in real trouble!


  1. congrats on Peanut's new teeth! And I am hoping for some less cranky/fussy days and nights for you now...:)

  2. "lateral" teeth are the ones next to the big front ones : )

  3. I knew I could count on you to have the name!!