Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look Who's Talking!

Peanut is talking and it show stopping, heart meltingly adorable. He said both "Mama" and "Papa" at the same time. Let me back up a little to get the whole story straight because which one came first is still up in the air.

We have heard the rumblings of "Mama" via the monitor. It seems that is a favorite sound to make when he is in his crib and wanting to get out. But I had always chalked it up to babbling with no real intention of calling for me.

Just the other day Peanut was fussing and Papa Bear walked over and I handed the fussy baby off and he stopped fussing. Papa Bear says, "Where you just fussin' for Papa" and Peanut immediately followed up with "Papa". We thought he was just repeating a sound he heard without any real understanding of what he was saying.

But today, it became official. On November 1st (7 months and 8 days old) he said both Mama and Papa with true intention and it was witnessed by my Mom (Mee-Mom) and Grandmother (Mommom). Peanut was laying on the floor at Mee-Mom's house in Delaware. I was standing over him and he looked up and said "Mama". Oh I got so excited. So I told him to say it again. AND HE DID. (he is so clever). SO then I started yelling at everyone to come over and see it. Well of course my mom was ordering lunch and then handed the phone off to Papa Bear so he could order what he wanted and Little Man was chasing the dog and really no one was coming fast enough in my opinion BECAUSE PEOPLE MY BABY WAS TALKING and SOMEONE HAD TO TELL ME I WASN'T CRAZY. So finally Mee-Mom came over after rescuing the dog from Little Man and Peanut says it again. We all squeal in delight and at this point Peanut realizes that he is the center of attention as long as he keeps saying "ma ma". So in between squealing (ours and his) he keeps saying "Ma Ma" and FINALLY Papa Bear comes over and I try to get Peanut to say it. So I say "Show Papa how you can say Mama" and he looks at Papa Bear and says "Papa" and the squealing just grew and grew. He said Papa a few more times and then at my insistence gave me one more Mama and I picked him up with a twirl and all the fan fair that first word(s) deserve. Seriously people, did I mention how adorable it is and how special it is as a mother to hear your son say his first word and have it be Mama (or Papa depending on who is telling this story) AND to have it witnessed by Mee-Mom and Mommom. Ahh, music to my ears!

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  1. Simply amazing.

    And a huge congrats to little man in somehow managing not to pick a favorite with his first word(s)--that is one smart baby!