Sunday, January 10, 2010

Technology that Makes a Family Stronger

Yesterday morning the boys got a chance to skype with Mee-Mom (once we found a Peanut-Proof place to put the computer)

They got to spend time talking to her, watching Simba and even a quick chat with Mommom.

Mee-Mom even read Little Man a few books

We have no idea what he is doing with his shirt, but he liked the book a lot

Oh how I love technology!


  1. I know, I love it too. It makes being far away so much easier...Glad your boys get to connect with the fabulous people in their lives!

  2. Sometimes I ask Jackson if he wants to call my mom and he says yes and walks over to the computer. Kind of crazy what is normal to him at 2 is still an amazing technology to us!